Mark Standbrook
I'm a commercial illustrator and visual designer, with more than twenty years of industry experience and a keen eye for detail. My work is vibrant and breezy with a clean, professional flair, and I understand the needs of my clients: I deliver the highest quality work, right on schedule and within your budget. 
With a degree-level education in Graphic Design + Illustration, plus two decades of commercial work in the industry, I’m able to deliver a confident level of expert service to all my clients and employers, be it eye-catching design for print, crisp and clean assets for web and multimedia, or dynamic and engaging digital character illustrations.
2D art is my life-long passion and I was drawing as far back as I remember — a childhood spent immersed in animation and comics developed into a preoccupation with kinetic images and vivid colour, informing the distinctive, versatile style I use today.
I take a hybrid approach to my art: the hands-on feel of pencil and paper to capture my loose, gestural lines before switching to digital — paring down the strokes, refining the shapes and bringing in the colour. As a client, you'll get an update at every stage of the process.
I'm enthusiastic, friendly and dependable, so Email now to discuss your next project.
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