Mark Standbrook
I’m a freelance illustrator & designer with a vibrant, upbeat style and an attitude to match. I started to draw from the moment I could, and have been ever since. 
Classic comics and cartoons had a big impact on my early years, inspiring a drawing style that pulls a lot from mid-century design and pop culture. I got a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration in my native city of Lincoln before plunging into a jam-packed career of commercial illustration and visual design which now spans over two decades. 
Work and play often overlap for me – I spend a lot of time watching animation, reading comics and creating art for pleasure. I also enjoy losing myself in folklore, myths and strange tales. I live under a pile of pencils, sketchbooks and computer cables with my lovely partner in the fine city of Norwich.
I'm approachable, professional and excited to help – just drop me an Email to discuss your next project!
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