Mark Standbrook
I'm a dedicated commercial illustrator and graphic designer, with over twenty years of industry experience and a keen eye for detail. My visual solutions are vibrant and breezy with a clean, professional flair. With extensive expertise across all forms of visual design, I understand the needs of clients: my priority is to bring you the highest quality work, right on schedule and within your budget. 
My true passion is illustration and character design; I love to pour my heart and soul into a combination of line, shape and colour which brings people, creatures and places to life in my own personal style. I was drawing as far back as I remember — a childhood immersion in comics and cartoons continues well into my adult life, informing my preoccupation with kinetic images and vivid colour palettes.
I take a hybrid approach to my art: the tactility of pencil and paper first to capture the loose, gestural quality of my lines. When I get the drawing onto the Mac I pare down the strokes, refine the shapes and apply colour. My clients see every stage of the process, so you will always know we're on the same page. 
I provide a friendly, dependable service — Email now or fill in the form below, to discuss an eye-catching new brand, stylish publication or packaging design, or dazzling custom illustration and character design. 
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